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Endomorph Workout – How To Turn Fat Into Muscles?

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Some people are blessed by nature and almost never get fat, yet they eat everything they want and don’t care about physical exercise. However, there’s also a big part of people, who just hopelessly envy them. Food limitations and exhausting workouts – the results require lots of work and effort. If you can relate to it then you are probably a “lucky” endomorph body type – people with a prevailing fat tissue percentage. We are going to look into all specific features of this body type and help to choose the best endomorph workout plan.

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph is one of three somatotypes, along with endo- and ectomorphs. It’s claimed that people are born with a certain body type and it defines your predisposition for weight gain/loss, type of metabolism, and illnesses. [1]

How to define your body type? You can use a body type calculator determining or just follow the descriptions.

  1. Ectomorph body type – naturally slender and lean, have narrow hips, shoulders, and tiny waist; legs and arms are long. They don’t have muscle mass, and neither do they have fat tissue. They have a quick metabolism, burning calories quickly, especially when being young. Regardless of what, how often, how much, and when they eat, they don’t gain weight easily. However, while aging, some people can overestimate the speed of their metabolism and the extra weight (tummy, hips) comes out of nowhere.
  2. Mesomorph body type – moderate-size complexion. Such people typically have wider shoulders and narrow waists, strong arms, and legs. With an appropriate nutrition and workout regimen, they can build muscle mass relatively quickly. As a rule, they don’t spend much time to lose weight or gain weight.
  3. Endomorph body type – medium size frame, often times called as large – bone type. The complexion is more full-figured. Women have more curves and men are quite round and stocky. The excess weight is stored mainly in the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs. Such people struggle more while losing weight, yet with the right approach to exercise and diet, everything is possible.

Starting An Endomorph Workout Plan

If you consider improving your body complexion, it’s important to make a plan and follow it.

– Your Goals

When planning to lose weight, don’t go too hard on yourself. It’s important to set realistic goals. The principle “the sooner – the better” doesn’t work, on the contrary, it can discourage you and kill your motivation.

When you set small goals, it’s easier to reach them, especially at the beginning. So the initial period will not be stressful, which is important when losing weight.

When you move slowly with small steps, you can reach a more stable and sustainable weight in the long run. However, when you want to reach quick results, you are likely to return to the starting point quite soon.

Your success on the way to a dreamy weight depends entirely on your desire to change. If you just want to look slimmer in the photos or for some events, it will not be enough, because your motivation will soon evaporate after your reach the fixed event.

It’s important to give yourself time for changes and to be unwavering, not to stop and give up because of difficulties that you will certainly have. Remember, the road is made by walking. The lifestyle can’t be changed in a week.

–  Your Fitness Level

Fitness level is important, but not crucial. It will just make the initial stage easier or harder to follow. If you have been exercising occasionally, then your workout routine will not seem like a daunting challenge, you’ll be more or less prepared.

If you are a fresh starter, it’s better to plan an endomorph exercise program with a trainer, at least at the beginning. He will take into account all your physical characteristics, measurements, and possible health issues, to come up with the most efficient individual plan and avoid health risk. This will be the safest way to take up exercising.

– Your Daily Routine

Your daily routine matters. Typically people who have weight problems lead physically inactive lifestyles. You may be working all day long, just sitting in front of the screen with no chance to go for a walk; traveling to/from work is also by transport; lunch is in the office or in the nearest cafe. Where’s movement?

It’s better to have a moment and rethink your daily schedule:

  1. Try to leave home earlier and have a long walk to the parking lot. Don’t park your car right near the entrance.
  2. If you use public transport, get off the bus 2-3 stops earlier to have a walk.
  3. In the evening, when you just feel drained and want nothing but to eat and lie in bed, don’t let your tiredness get over you. Make your dinner, and go for a walk, for at least 30 min, instead of checking daily news, Instagram or Facebook posts, and useless chats. After the very first evening outing, you will feel fresher with no desire to run away from the whole world. By clearing your thoughts and mind, you will also burn calories – what a perfect combo! 🙂
  4. Plan regular workouts, and make a schedule. Wanting to lose body fat and gain muscle mass, you’re not allowed to skip the days, don’t try to find excuses.
  5. If you’re too short on time, there are special types of training that take up to 30 minutes overall, yet the benefits are beyond reproach.

– Your Diet

Even the best exercise for endomorph body type will not help you tackle the excess weight if you don’t follow a healthy diet. All types of workouts for endomorphs should be backed up by carefully planned nutrition. Be attentive, carefully planned nutrition is about a balanced approach and getting all the necessary nutrients, and never about not eating. Don’t ever believe the fad diets offering you quick results and whole-body-cleansing characteristics

with the help of starvation and very low-calorie diets. Don’t make weight loss a stressful experience.

Your nutrition program should be based on the following principles:

  1. To lose fat you need to eat. Starvation only leads to unwanted results, making the matters worse, as your attention will shift to health issues, instead of weight loss.
  2. To burn the calories you need to create a calorie deficit – to burn more calories than you consume – less in-more out. First of all – analyze your daily menu, it’s important to see the real picture, as we often underestimate our eating habits. It can be a good idea to write all the food you eat and portions over several days. When you count the food income at the end of the day, you will be surprised to see the numbers.
  3. The daily menu must cover your basic/resting metabolic rate – BMR – in other words, the calories you need for functioning. The numbers vary from person to person, however, the approximate numbers can be defined by the following formula:

Men: BMR = 88.362 + (13.397 x weight in kg) + (4.799 x height in cm) – (5.677 x age in years) 

Women: BMR = 447.593 + (9.247 x weight in kg) + (3.098 x height in cm) – (4.330 x age in years)

Let’s say we have a 38-year-old woman with an ectomorph body type, height 174 cm, and weight – 80 kg.

By doing simple calculations we see that the minimum level of calories to provide healthy functioning is 1561 calories – that’s what your body needs when just existing and performing basic functions. Don’t go lower than these numbers.

The type of food you eat is a part of the deal.

1. First of all – proteins – our tiny building blocks, critical for fueling your energy and carrying oxygen throughout your body in your blood. With the help of proteins, your muscles recover after the training and you build lean mass as well. Foods high in protein help you feel full longer and reduce food cravings and constant snacking.

2. Carbs, unlike their bad fame, are also crucial for our health. But everything depends on the types of carbs you consume.

Typically we consume simple carbs with refined sugar, white flour, and lots of trans fats. They are responsible for energy spikes and then sudden fatigue after about 30 minutes. [2]

Think about your regular day: you feel overloaded and need something to “wake up” – those chocolate cookies with coffee can help you keep going. With all the calories and energy gained, you successfully deal with your work. After about an hour, you feel hungry again and start looking for another snack and come across candies, and then lunch, and so on. The main problem is that you never burn the calories you consume and the majority of such snacks are highly caloric without keeping you full longer.

Add more complex carbs to your menu – cereals, brown rice, whole-meal pasta and bread, lentils, beans, etc. They take longer to digest, releasing the energy slowly, keeping you full longer, and thus, lower caloric load.

3. Fats are important for our body as well. They take part in hormonal and thermoregulation and help your body function properly. However, it’s better to add good fats to your menu: vegetable oils ( olive oil, sunflower oil), nuts, seeds, and fatty fish.

Proteins, carbs, and fats are crucial for our proper work, as they are the bricks that keep our body working. None of it can make you fat, under no circumstances. The thing that matters most – is portion size and frequency of food consumption. If you don’t control the amount of food and your appetite, you tend to overeat, without even noticing that your body doesn’t need it and you gain weight super easily.

The Best Endomorph Workout

The best workout is the one that is performed, not just imagined and planned. Any type of activity is better than no activity. We managed to collect information about the most time-efficient and result-oriented examples of workout at home. When making an endomorph body type workout plans, you can incorporate several types of training into your daily routine so that you achieve the best result.

Workouts for endomorphs female and workouts for endomorphs male don’t differ from each other, just the matter of intensity sometimes.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts

Endomorph exercise for weight loss will not be full without HIIT. HIIT is a helping hand for those who have no time to exercise for long hours. This type of workout for an endomorph is based on a short, explosive burst of activities combined with short periods of rest. In layman’s terms – it’s not about how long you’re exercising but rather how intense your performance is, within a certain period of time. [3]

Typical HIIT sessions includes intervals of quick, intense bursts of activities and short, periods of rest. This type of exercises for endomorphs will engage the majority of muscle groups, making the workout even more effective.

Positive sides of HIIT:

  1. Most endurance workouts – walking, running, or stair-climbing – are performed at a moderate intensity (5-6 on a scale of 0-10). HIIT, on the other hand, pushes 7 or higher.
  2. HIIT is effective in melting body fat more than other types of exercise. What’s even more appealing – it can deal with visceral fat as well, the most difficult one to fight.
  3. Short but explosive workouts can help boost your aerobic endurance, which means your body uses oxygen more efficiently.
  4. HIIT workouts improve glucose metabolism in muscles and boosts insulin sensitivity among type 2 diabetics
  5. HIIT exercise increase post-exercise oxygen consumption, which means burning more calories after a day you worked out.

2. Steady-State Training (SST) Workouts

Steady-state training is something you do daily throughout your life – jogging, swimming, dancing, running on a treadmill, or cycling ; therefore, it will a make a food addition to an endomorph workout at home, Steady-state workouts program are any type of cardio performed at a challenging, yet steady pace, for over 20 minutes. Being aerobic training, steady-state training needs oxygen and runs on stored fat.

This type of workout is perfectly suitable for endomorphs beginners. Those who gain weight super easily can go for a brisk walk after dinner and thus, burn calories, have good training, and have a good time. Going jogging doesn’t require much effort, yet it’s an effective workout for burning calories.

Cardio workout for an endomorph is a perfect fit when you need to lose weight, they develop your endurance, help to keep your weight under control, help to supply your body with more oxygen, improve your physical health as well as help you improve your psychological health.

3. Weight Training Exercises

Endomorphs have more fat tissue that muscle mass. Besides, according to the American Council on Exercise, [4] we lose nearly a half pound of muscle per year after we turn 30, mostly because they aren’t as active as they were when they were younger. When we lose muscle mass, our metabolism gets slower and we start gaining more weight.

Weight training in the ectomorph body type workout plan will prevent the loss of muscles and bones, and help build them up. It’s extremely important for endomorphs body types.

4. Compound Workouts

Compound exercises, according to the title, engage all the large muscle groups, making your workout more efficient in terms of building muscle mass and losing fat. [5]

The benefits of compound exercises for endomorph exercise routine

  1. Burning more calories per exercise, as more muscles are being involved.
  2. Work more muscles in a short time, which enhances the efficiency of your workout.
  3. Stimulate better coordination and balance.
  4. Improve joint mobility and stability.
  5. Improves cardiovascular systems, as your heart rate goes up while doing the exercises.
  6. Builds up overall body strength.

Examples of compound exercises: Deadlift, Lunge, Bench press, Dips, Lying pullover, Push ups, Pull ups, Lat pull downs, Shoulder press, Jump rope, etc.

5. Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit training workouts are short but intense exercise routines with brief resting periods in between. A sample of a circuit training program:

1. Start with the basic squats and some overhead presses. Do this for 50 seconds.

2. Rest for ten seconds and do a stationary lunge with a lateral raise. Do this for fifty seconds and rest for another ten seconds. Firstly with the left leg, then with the right.

3. Move on to plié squat or upright row – 50 seconds. You can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell.

4. Rest for 10 seconds.

5. Doing the pushups with single-leg knee drives – 50 seconds+10 seconds break.

6. Plank with triceps extensions – 50-second time mark.

After the first circuit have a 2-4 minute rest and start over again.

The main thing to remember – explosive bursts of activities must be combined with 10-15 seconds of rest, not more.

The Bottom Line

Endomorphs tend to gain weight easily and lose it with more effort. In order to change the body complexion, there are two things to focus on in search of greater results:

  1. The Endomorph diet is a balanced nutrition with proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Mind the portion size and avoid constant snacking with processed food.
  2. Endomorph body type workout plan should include cardio workouts and high intensity interval training. These types will contribute the most to your new body. The main condition – regular workouts as occasional efforts will not help matters.

If you have an endomorph body type, it’s not the end of the world. By balancing your menu and leading a more active lifestyle, you will reach the desirable body shape. Weight loss has never been an effortless thing to do, unlike weight gain. Just stop blaming and pitying yourself and start doing something – this is probably the biggest struggle and the most important step.


🏋🏿What exercise is best for Endomorphs❓

🏋🏿Endomorphs will benefit greatly from HIIT sessions 2-3 times per week in combination with SST - walking, jogging, cycling, swimming. HIIT is higly-intensive training which involves lots of effort in a relatively short time. SST is more about endurance and moderate pace. The two will make a perfect combo for your workout routine.

🏋🏼‍♂️Can you get ripped as an endomorph❓

🏋🏼‍♂️While it can be difficult for an endomorph to lose weight, people with this type of body have obvious benefits for becoming lifters, as they can easily gain muscle. With a properly planned workout and nutrition program, fat tissue will be turned into bumpy and toned muscles.

🤔Is endomorph the worst body type❓

🤔There's no such thing as a bad body type, we are just all different. Of course it can be more difficult for them to lose weight, however, a proper diet and activity level will deal with it.

🏃‍♀️Can an endomorph get a flat stomach❓

🏃‍♀️6-pack abs don't come out of nowhere. Every body type needs balanced nutrition and regular physical exercises to reach the dreamy cubes. The time spent for reaching it totally depends on your current weight, fitness level and lifestyle.


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