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Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week – Get Rid Of Extra Bags!

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A fatty belly has always been a part of hilarious and ironic jokes yet it’s not that funny when you need to carry it ahead. Belly fat is typically the result of an unhealthy diet and quite a passive lifestyle. However, some people may say that they don’t a lot, and they are always active, yet the belly keeps growing. Well, let’s look into the reasons for such injustice, and find out how belly fat is linked to weight loss and which fat burning exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week is the most effective.

Quick Facts About Belly Fat

  • Everybody Has Belly Fat

Everybody has fat, that’s a fact. Everybody has a layer of fat all over the body, including your abdominal area. However, it’s important to understand what type of fat prevails, what functions it has, and what is the risk of it.

1. Subcutaneous fat

The third and deepest layer of your skin after the epidermis and dermis. [1] It’s a “good” body tissue, which has protective functions:

  • temperature control – saves you from overheating and getting cold. That’s why skinny people get cold very often, as they have no protection at all.
  • amortization – covers your muscles and bones, alleviating bumps and falls.
  • transportation – serves as a buffer zone – helps blood vessels get from your skin to your muscles.

These 3 main functions provide defense for your body. However, the balance matters. Once your percentage goes beyond the limits, you are likely to face health problems – diabetes, strokes, skeletal issues, high blood pressure, etc.

The main key to fighting this type of fat – is an active lifestyle + diet.

2. Visceral fat

Another type of fat that can be found in our body, however, it has no advantages at all. It covers the inner organs, mainly the intestine, liver, and pancreas. Visceral fat is more dangerous as it’s not visible, you can’t see or feel it. Surprisingly, it may be the issue for people who look skinny, and there’s even a term for that – “skinny fat” – looking good from the outside, however, with lots of hidden fat. This condition even has its term – Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW). There are special technologies to help measure visceral fat, and hence, make a plan of nutrition and exercises to lose it.

  • Excessive Belly Fat Is Dangerous

Fat tissue is an integral part of our body, however, when you keep adding more and more, it’s going to lead to obesity sooner or later. Typically the fat spreads in the upper and lower abdominal area. The more fat stored- the more health issues to face. Excessive fat isn’t only a physical issue, it;s also the reason for depression, low self-esteem, mood swings, etc.

The fat tissue itself may not be the root of a problem, but just aggravates and worsens already existing ones. [2]

  • You Can Measure How Much Belly Fat You Have

The easiest and most affordable way to check belly fat is to measure your waistline:

Wrap a measuring tape around your bare stomach, directly above your hip bone. The tape should not be too tight, or too loose.

For women, a healthy measurement is below 35 inches.

For men, a healthy measurement is below 40 inches.

If your numbers get close to 35-40, it’s time to face the problems, as you’re in a risk zone. Given your eating habits and inactive lifestyle, you can relatively quickly reach the red zone.

  • Older People May Have More Belly Fat

Aging can also bring belly surprises. Women can keep leading active lives and follow a healthy diet, yet they notice abdominal fat appearing. It is likely due to lower levels of estrogen, which influences where fat is distributed in the body. [2]

Another reason comes from a loss of muscle mass. As muscles are more metabolically active, you need more calories to provide their work. However, with age, the muscle mass decreases and the metabolism gets slower. According to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, men in their 50s need about 200 fewer calories daily than they do in their 30s due to this muscle loss. To prevent this from happening it’s important to be active in order to save more muscle mass. [3]

  • Genetics Contribute To Belly Fat

Genetics can be quite a significant cause of extra weight and belly fat in particular. You may have noticed that unfit parents are very likely to have unfit kids. Some may say that extra weight just runs in the family, however, there is possibly a hidden problem of unhealthy eating behavior and lack of activities. [4]

Can You Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week?

It’s a tricky question as there are too many things to consider. The basic measurements like height, weight, age, health problems you may have, BMR, the ratio of muscle mass and fat tissue, and the size of the belly itself.

It’s quite unreasonable to expect to lose belly fat instantly in a week after storing this fat for years. There are some things to consider:

1. Lifestyle – the more active you are, the better. If you’re a fan of quiet evenings with movies and snacks after a working day, you’re likely to lose this weight-loss fight as soon as you start it. It will be a good idea to go for a walk, have a short bike ride, go grocery shopping, etc. Give yourself a break from all the work and day load. Turn on the music or the audiobook, meet a friend and just have a talk. You will see, that gradually your evening appetite will decrease, as there will be fewer temptations outside; your thought will become clearer and you will easier fall asleep.

2. Incorporate regular physical activity into your daily routine. It shouldn’t be a 1-2 hour workout from the very first day, just start with morning exercises to let your body get used to such activities. Even 15 minutes, in the beginning, will seem like an eternity.

3. Don’t concentrate on exercises that involve stomach muscles. Targeted weight loss doesn’t function and it’s a proven fact. You need to start losing weight as thus your belly fat will also start melting.

4. Food habits need to be checked and controlled. Of course, nowadays there are lots of tasty things to try, they make us happier and it’s just a pleasant way to relax. However, keep an eye on the amount of food you consume. You can’t just eat whatever your want. You need to give yourself a chance to your body to burn all the energy consumed. Otherwise, everything is going to be stored in your belly, hips, thighs, arms, etc. Mind the portion.

5. In order to lose weight and manage belly fat you need to create a calorie deficit. Consume less – spend more – this is the most tried and trusted way to lose weight.

6. When planning exercise to reduce belly fat in a week, don’t take chances and ask for the help of a certified fitness nutritionist. He will analyze all your data and make a risk-free plan for losing belly fat and weight management.

Exercises to lose belly fat in 1 week

At the initial stage, you don’t need to rush for results. Take your time and keep it slow. Learn the technique and don’t set and break your records from the first days. Excess body weight will gradually get lower if you do the exercises with the proper technique a form. Otherwise, you can just hurt yourself.

Don’t try to concentrate only on abdominal exercises to reduce body fat. It will not work the way you want it. Your workout plan must engage all the large muscle groups making the whole body work and thus, benefiting belly fat loss.

Let’s look into the most useful types of exercises to perform when trying to deal with excess body fat.

Any Cardiovascular Activity

Cardiovascular activities are recommended for everyone regardless of age and weight. The most common examples are running, cycling, walking, swimming, stair climbing, etc.

  1. Running – an aerobic activity that is effective for belly fat loss and toning up the whole body. It engages several muscles at once, improves your stamina and cardiovascular endurance. Running boosts your metabolism, and hence, your burn more calories.
  2. Aerobic group classes – group workouts that include dancing, aerobics, elements of martial arts, and circuit training. Group classes don’t only help to burn belly fat, but you also have support and encouragement from other participants, which is crucial at some point.
  3. Jumping rope – a challenging yet beneficial exercise for weight loss. It stimulates the muscle’s work, improves the cardio-respiratory system, and helps to reduce belly fat. However, if your weight is too big and you have problems with your skeletal system, you’d better avoid this type of workout, or start at a very slow pace.
  4. Cycling – is an effective option to consider. It is a low-impact exercise, so you reduce belly fat with minimal risks to your joints. Cycling helps to build muscle and improve strength and resistance. It also benefits your metabolism, increases the energy deficit, and thus, helps you burn more calories and lose belly fat.
  5. Walking – is the most affordable and accessible type of exercise to stimulate weight loss. By having a long and quick walk you increase your endurance, help digestion, and improve cardiovascular and mental health. To reach noticeable results, a walk must be at least 30 minutes and of high intensity.

Cardiovascular exercises for losing belly fat will only be beneficial if you follow a healthy diet:

  • avoid refined sugar
  • consume enough protein – chicken, turkey, dairy, fish
  • reduce the amount white bread, white rice, and pasta – wholemeal foods will make a perfect replacement.
  • drink enough water, and avoid sugary drinks
  • control the intake of alcohol, as it’s high in empty calories and pretty unhealthy, besides it’s one of the main reasons for visceral fat
  • follow a healthy diet that covers your physiological needs; starvation will just have an opposite effect
  • your nutrition must cover the needs in proteins, carbs, and fats – just choose the health-beneficial options.

Abdominal Exercises

As we have already mentioned, you can’t burn fat in a certain spot, you work out the whole body, which reduces the fat percentage overall, and hence, you lose weight and improve your health. Among the best exercises that involve abdominal muscles are – planks and crunches, and their endless variations. If you add such exercises to your daily routine, you will tone the abdominal muscles better.

HIIT Workouts

One of the ways to accelerate weight loss and belly fat burning is to do high intensity interval training. It consists of periods of intensive performance alternated with short breaks. HIIT training helps to boost your metabolism, and what’s more, it’s time-saving. A typical workout will only take about 20 minutes, however, the effect is impressive. The point is – you don’t just focus on the duration of the activity, to lose more calories, you concentrate on strength and intensity in a short period of time.

Strength Training Workouts

Strength training exercises help to build up muscle mass. While cardio is more about depleting fat storage, strength or weight training stimulates muscle growth. As muscles are more metabolically active, you will burn more calories in the rest state. If you combine strength training with a cardio workout you will get the best of two worlds – reduce abdominal fat and improve your health.

Safety Tips When Performing These Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Instead of asking how to lose belly fat in a week, think about safety while working out. Craving fast results you are likely to hurt some parts of your body, because you are simply not prepared for such activities with such a speed.

  • Avoid Overtraining

Everything that goes beyond the limits is never beneficial. Same with workouts. If you start to exercise with high intensity every single day, you will get exhausted and unable to keep going. Remember to plan rest days – 3 days of workouts, 4 days walking at a slow- quick pace, can be one cheat day, with total inactivity, to regain strength.

  • Wear The Right Gear

Don’t try to save money on your shoes. It can be too risky for your health and you may end up with trauma. Your gear must provide protection and amortization so that you feel comfortable while exercising.

  • Stretching and warming up

Stretching is a good preparation before any type of physical activity. It takes only up to 5-10 minutes, depending on the following workout, yet it will help to wake up your body and set up the right mode.

  • Cooling Down

Cooling down is as important as warming up. Take 2 – 3 minutes to stabilize your heart rate and breathing.

The Bottom Line

How lose belly fat in one week? It’s not viable unless your belly fat is the result of intestine work and foods that make you bloated. To reduce abdominal fat you need to follow programs of healthy nutrition and weight loss exercise.

Healthy nutrition means the consumption of proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Also, you need to eat fruit and vegetables to cover the need for microelements and vitamins. Don’t go too hard on yourself when controlling the menu, it will just motivate you to break loose. Just mind your portions and eat when you are really hungry.

Which workout to lose belly fat is best? The best workout is the one that is performed. At the initial stage, you can start with simple cardio exercises, then move on to HIIT exercises and weight training. A combination of different types works best.

When you want to reduce abdominal fat, you need to understand that it’s a complex approach. You can’t reap all the benefits of workouts if they are not backed up by a healthy diet. And vice versa. Once you see the first results of weight loss, you will see how belly fat is getting smaller and it will increase your motivation. Just give your body a push, and the rest will follow. The first step is the most difficult.


✅Can you lose belly in a week❓

✅Setting the precise terms for losing belly fat is quite a difficult task. Everything depends on your current fitness level, size of the belly, weight, age, etc. If you have been accummulating the belly fat for years, losing it in a week seems to be unreachable. However, a week will be just enough to define your strategy: start exercising, folowing a balanced nutrition.

✅ What exercise burns the most belly fat in a week❓

✅If you start looking for specific exersices solely for losing belly fat, you're likely to get disappointed. Targeted weight loss doesn't work. When you work out and follow a balance diet, you create a calorie deficit, lose weight overall and thus, lose belly fat.

✅What removes belly fat fast❓

✅Losing fat and belly fat in particular requires balanced diet and regular physical activities. If you keep following this strategy, the excess fat will slowly leave the whole body, including the belly.

✅How long does it take to lose stomach fat❓

✅A healthy weight loss is about 1% per month. This is a sustanaible and healthy variant of losing weight. However, the approximate terms can only be defined individually. It you belly looks big because of water excess and being bloated, you can follow a non-starchy diet and include physical activities to let the water off with sweating.


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