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How To Get Rid Of Broad Shoulders For Women? The Most Efficient Tips Toward Better Look!

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Men crave wide shoulders and V-form as it’s a perfect masculine form. Women, instead, are often seen with a tiny waist, smaller shoulders, a slightly wider hips. Is it really how women are supposed to look? Well, we’re all different, and wide shoulders don’t steal your attractiveness. On the contrary, hard-earned muscle mass always looks good. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel comfortable and want to know how to get rid of broad shoulders, we have prepared the best guide to help you reach your goal – reasons for the wide upper part and the most effective exercises for smaller shoulders. Let’s follow! 👇

How To Get Rid Of Broad Shoulders And Why Would You Want To Do That

Why do people have broad shoulders? There are two major reasons to consider – genetics and extra weight. Some of us were born with a wide bone structure, and they just have a wider complexion. However, it can also be a sign of extra weight, which accumulates all over the body.
When it comes down to men, everything is clear – broad and muscular shoulders are the sign of masculinity. However, some women may experience discomfort with having a broad complexion. How to help it? Naturally given wide shoulders can’t be eliminated, unless you want to turn to surgery. Nevertheless, there are some tricks to help you improve your look.

Training For Slimmer Shoulders

If the broadness of shoulders is caused by excessive weight, there are certain ways to help you with it.

1. Start Doing More Cardio

Spot reduction doesn’t work, at all, just accept this ugly truth. According to the study, localized muscle endurance resistance training influences the whole body. [1] You can’t lose weight only in your shoulders, or only in legs. When you exercise and create a calorie deficit you lose weight all over the body, making the whole body visually smaller, including the parts in question.

Cardio exercise is part and parcel of weight loss process. During the activity, your heart rate goes up and you start breathing more deeply, increasing the level of oxygen in your blood. Oxygen, in its turn, takes part in cellular reactions that produce more energy to sustain your activity. Therefore, you don’t get tired quickly and are able to function during the day efficiently. [2]

The benefits of cardio are hard to overestimate:

  1. Your heart becomes more efficient as it keeps pumping oxygen-carrying blood.
  2. Your lungs work more effectively to take in the oxygen.
  3. Your resting heart rate becomes lower, which provides a longer and healthier work of the body.
  4. Mental health is way much better than in pre-workout time. You will notice how your attitude toward problems changes from despair to tranquility and confidence.
  5. Increased metabolism – as you exercise, you increase your body’s need for energy, increasing your resting metabolism. In layman’s terms, you need more calories to keep you going, just to provide the basic functions.

Cardio workouts are quite simple, you actually do them almost every day without knowing it, at least one type – walking or brisk walking. Others include: running, jogging, burpees, swimming, cycling, water aerobics, stair climbing, swimming, martial arts, skiing, etc.

For an exercise to be called cardio, you need to raise your heart rate and breathing rate into the moderate to vigorous intensity level or a minimum of 10 minutes.

HR range (%HR max)
How it feels
Improving basic endurance, recovery
Can sing
Improving aerobic fitness
Can talk, but can't sing
Increasing lactate threshold
Talking is difficult
Increasing endurance and total capacity

The choice of cardio is quite long, however, you need to consider your health state, in order not to aggravate the problems. Generally cardio workouts can be divided into 3 major groups:

Low-impact – activity during which one foot remains on the ground. It is good for maintaining healthy and strong bones and conditioning the lungs and heart. Examples: walking, hiking and low-impact aerobic dance, cycling.

High-impact cardio– at some point during the activity both feet are off the ground. It can also be called a weight-bearing exercise because you need to support your own weight with your limbs against the gravity force. Examples: jumping rope, high-impact aerobic dance, and running, etc.

No-impact cardio – exercise performed in water, as long as you needn’t deal with the gravity force. Such type of exercise is ideal if you have arthritic condition or are undergoing injury rehabilitation. Examples: Water-aerobics, swimming.

Whatever type you choose, you ill still benefit from it. When combined with balanced nutrition, it will help you lose weight and tone the muscles.

2. Don’t Overdo Shoulder Isolation Exercises

How to make your shoulders smaller? Don’t focus too much on upper body muscles.

Although spot reduction can never work, spot toning to build the muscles is does. If you constantly do strength training lifting heavy weights, you will surely make your arms look larger, just because you will build muscle mass.

Planking or push-ups will keep the muscles toned and upper body strong.

3. Exercise Your Lower Body

Another way of ‘fighting’ broad shoulders is to exercise your lower body. If you have a wide complexion and a tiny bottom part, visually you make the upper part even bigger. That’s why it will be reasonable to include the workouts to tone the lower part, and thus, make your shoulders smaller.
The lower body starts after your waist down. The strength of lower body muscles is vital for your daily performance and health overall. Every movement you do is supported and stabilized by your bottom part. That’s why training your bottom and legs is important for both, appearance and strength.
Typical exercises to improve muscle strength are squats, lunges, jumping jacks, walking, step-ups, deadlifts, etc. When using these types of workouts you will tone the muscles and make them visible, distracting from big shoulder bones.

We advise you to read the article “Skinny legs fat upper body”.

Weight Loss For Smaller Shoulders

How to get smaller shoulders in a week? By combing your workout routine with proper and balanced nutrition you create a win-win approach – get rid of wide shoulders and boost your health and immune system.

1. Reduce Your Calorie Intake

How to make your shoulders less broad with the help of nutrition? Create a calorie deficit – increase the calorie out compared to calories in. You need to create a calorie shortage so that your body starts using glycogen stores for energy, reducing fatty tissue.
Calories deficit is not about eating like Thumbelina. It’s about covering the basic caloric needs to provide proper functioning of your organs during the day.
According to the recommendations, a safe weight loss is about 1-2 pounds a week. As long as 1 pound is about= 3500 calories, you need to create 500-1000 calories of deficit daily. These numbers may look scary and unreachable, however, it’s not that difficult if you control what you eat.

Don’t try to reduce the calorie intake drastically. There is a high chance (99,9%) that you will get off the track, accompanied by constant fatigue, stomach spasms, and even bigger weight and broader shoulders at the end.
Don’t forget, slow and steady wins the race.

2. Eat More Fruits And Veggies

Why do we need fruits and vegetables, especially for weight loss and broad shoulders?
First of all, your health. You need vitamins and microelements for the smooth and continuous work of your body. If you experience a shortage of it, you may experience a lack of energy and disruption of body functions.
Secondly, fruits and vegetables are big in volume, helping you fill the stomach and feel full faster. Thus, you will eat less. Let’s compare 3 doughnuts and a tomato salad – the volume is +/- the same, however, the caloric load makes the difference. Besides, doughnuts will not make a vitaminized portion of your daily menu.

3. Reduce Your Consumption Of Added Sugars, And Processed Foods

What’s processed food and how can it make a way to get rid of broad shoulders?

Processed in any type of food altered during the preparation. Food processing can be as basic as freezing, canning, baking, and drying. If you stop eating any processed food, you’ll have quite a limited choice of foods. Instead, eliminate highly-processed ones – the ones that undergo long-time frying, boiling, and several stages of preparation. They may be delicious, crusty, and juicy, however, with a low nutritional value.

Another culprit of excessive weight is added sugar – the majority of packaged food contains added sugar and salt, causing your sugar consumption over the recommended limits. For instance sugary drinks – 1 liter is about 400 kcal, mainly sugar. You drink it just to quench the thirst. This amount makes up 1/4 of your daily caloric needs, but you don’t even notice it. Accumulation of added sugar is responsible for making your shoulders look bigger.

4. Eat Up Healthy Fats

How to make shoulders smaller? Don’t go low on fats. Fats have been demonized unfairly, for making us put on extra weight. However, without them, our body can’t function properly. Fatty tissue helps to control body temperature – keep you warm when it’s cold; keep you cool when it’s hot. They also take part in hormone regulation, which also influences your weight.

However, the fats are not the same. The difference between them is crucial in terms of healthy diet. [3] SSaturated and trans fats, tend to be more solid at room temperature (like butter, spread, etc.). Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats tend to be more liquid (like plant oils, nuts, fatty fish, etc.).

Tips For Smaller-Appearing Shoulders

If the reason of your wide shoulders is genetics, then we have a few tips that can help you make them visually smaller:

  • No shoulder pads and shoulder enhancements, they must be left in past.
  • Don’t wear strapless tops or tank tops, they make your shoulders look wider than they really are.
  • Don’t wear dresses that are too tight on the waist, you just emphasize your shoulders.
  • Wear V-neck tops and raglan sleeves, they make your arm longer and shrink the shoulders.
  • Wide trousers and skirts will emphasize the lower part, distracting from wide shoulders.
  • Be attentive to colors. Go for a darker upper part and a lighter lower part.


How to get smaller shoulders female?

If you have broad shoulders due to genetics, this issue can only be changed if you plan carefully the outfit and exercise your lower part, so that the attention isn’t on your upper part.
If the broad shoulders are due to excessive weight and fat, then it’s time for a change. Your goals must be directed toward a healthy diet and regular workout plan. By combining these approaches you will significantly reduce body fat and your bone structure will miraculously shrink.

Whatever the reason, healthy and active lifestyle will always make you look even better. The most important is to act toward your goal an dream!


⛹🏻‍♀️How to reduce broad shoulders female exercise at home❓

Exercising that target primarily regional fat isn't effective. They help you make the calorie deficit, and lose fat over the whole body, as well as tone up the muscle mass. The most effective are cardiovascular (running, jogging, walking, etc.) and lower body exercises (glute kickbacks, squats, leg raises etc.) that focus on burning extra fat storage and strengthening all muscle groups, making the size of arms shrink.

🚴🏽‍♀️ How to get rid of broad shoulders female❓

To reduce broad shoulders caused by excessive weight, you need to plan the diet and exercise properly. The healthy diet plan will help you balance the nutrition; workouts will help you tone the muscles all over the body, which, in turn, will help you burn fat. Besides, for smaller shoulders choose carefully your clothing, as its make your upper body look bigger or tinier.

🏃‍♀️ Do Your Shoulders Get Smaller When You Lose Weight❓

Definitely yes. If you slim down, you form a new complexion with all the parts of the body benefiting from it, including big shoulders and arm, and also hips, back fat and leg fat.


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