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How To Lose Thigh Fat For Men

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We are used to hearing about women and their weight problems; a whole industry is being created to help them target fat storages. Articles, magazines, scientific researches, tv-shows, etc. But what about men? Don’t they have to face the same problems? They do. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, uncontrollable consumption of carbohydrates, and stress drinking and eating, all the calories are turned into nasty fat, accumulating mainly in the lower abdominal area and thighs. If you’ve been wondering lately how to lose thigh fat, we are ready to help. We will look into the reasons for thigh fat and learn some tips on how to lose thigh fat for men. Let’s get down to work.

What Causes Thigh Fat?

The reasons for thigh fat are pretty standard. Probably, the most annoying is genetics, as long as it appears despite your physical activity and efforts and requires more work. If you like to relax after a stressful day by eating everything, the results will show up relatively soon. When the whole weekend is spent in front of the screen, with no activities – you’re sure to have excess fat on your legs (and not only there).

How To Lose Thigh Fat For Men: Get Rid Of All That Extra Weight Around Your Inner Thighs

Losing thigh fat is not easy, along with weight loss overall, but it’s certainly an attainable goal. It requires your total commitment and understanding of the problem. Of course, you may be jokey about the weight, saying “more of me to love,” but let’s be honest: reducing fat benefits your well-being and health. Asking how to get rid of big thighs, men should understand that it takes more than just exercising; it’s about a lifestyle change. So, let’s see what we can do to reduce thigh fat.

How To Lose Weight In Thighs: Appropriate Physical Activities

Thigh fat for men is as uncomfortable as for women. The first thought you may have is to do different types of sit-ups and crunches because these are pretty known even from your P.E.lessons. It’s reasonable to assume that the fat you burn while exercising comes from the area around the muscles you are using. But the truth is – targeted exercising won’t help to lose weight in a particular place.

The fat which is contained in fat cells is called triglycerides. Muscle cells cannot directly use triglycerides as fuel. The fat breaks down into glycerol and free fatty acids. This fuel for workouts can come from anywhere in your body, not just the parts you use for working out. Let’s have a look at the most efficient exercises.

1. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise (“cardio”) makes you more efficient at getting oxygen to the rest of the body, helping heart health, lung function, and more. It can also be called cardio, cardiovascular, or endurance exercise, but the idea is the same: your heart pumps faster, and blood flowing becomes oxygenated.

Aerobic exercises make your heart more efficient in moving more oxygen-filled blood with every beat. Moreover, the lungs adapt to absorb more oxygen, and the muscles become more efficient at using oxygen. The most popular activities are brisk walking, climbing stairs, cycling, dancing, and swimming.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend around 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous aerobic activities and 150 to 300 minutes of moderate ones each week. Vigorous workouts include running, swimming, roller-blading, jumping rope, etc. Moderate ones are performed at a slower speed, like stair climbing, active cleaning up at home, and having fun with children.

 If you consider exercising a burden, try dancing. You’ll make new friends, lose leg fat, tone up your muscles, and cheer up – the benefits are endless.

Running is another perfect activity for a healthy weight. You can go running outdoors, enjoying nature, or indoors – using the treadmill. Choose your own pace; any intensity will be handy.

Every type of activity is beneficial, either vigorous or moderate. Most importantly – do it. The moment you enjoy your workouts is preceded by long hours of hard work and persistence.

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2. Workouts To Strengthen The Muscle

The workouts aim to strengthen your muscles, so they get toned up and reduce your body fat. Activities with resistance build up more endurance and strength and burn more calories. As a resistance, you can use free weights, bands, or rowing machines for leg-strengthening, etc.

We offer you to look at the exercises that don’t require additional equipment and shopping.

Lunges – a great physical activity for a healthy weight and appearance, it tones up the hamstrings and quads, being just a perfect exercise to lose leg fat for men. Here are the steps you need to take to make the lunges correctly:

  • Stand straight with hands-on-hips (for balance) or along the body.
  • Place your right foot at the front.
  • Bend the right leg at the knee to create a 90 degrees angle. Don’t extend the right knee beyond the ankle to prevent injury.
  • Press your body weight down into your heels and breath in. You should bend your rear leg at the knee and balance on the toes.
  • Breath out and step back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the steps several times before switching the legs.

Lunges with weights. Lunges with weights work better for slimming outer thighs and toning up the butt muscles; besides, it’s a more effective strength training. Quadriceps are mainly involved.

The procedure is not different from simple lunges, with just minor changes.

  1. Find two 5-8 pound dumbbells.
  2. Standing straight and holding a dumbbell in each hand, hang your arms at the sides. Your palms should face the thighs.
  3. The knee of the leg stepping forward should not extend beyond the toes as you bend.
  4. Align the back knee with your body.
  5. The back should be straight and the torso upright as you lunge.
  6. Use a lighter weight if facing this problem.

Squats. Another beneficial workout for losing thigh fat. It targets the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius in the calves. There are various ways of doing squats, with or without the resistance, but there’s a basic one:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart (can be a bit more).
  • Bend knees to lower your butt until the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, then push forward and repeat.

You may perform 3 sets of 10 reps 3-5 days a week.

Straight Leg Deadlifts. This exercise greatly affects your posterior chain, strengthens your lower back, tones up your thighs, and increases running capability.

  • Place a barbell in front of the body, stand upright, knees straight, and feet hip-width apart.
  • Bend at the waist, and lean forward to grab the barbell, keeping the back flat.
  • Grab hold of the barbell with the hands about shoulder-width apart. The knees should be straight.
  • Pull the weight upwards, moving back into the standing position. Keep your back straight.
  • Pause in this position and lower the weight back down until it’s almost touching the ground.
  • Repeat.

Standing Calf Raises. Calf raises are a good exercise for the lower legs. The movement performed is simply an ankle extension. The instructions to follow:

  • On a low platform (single step, a brick, or the side of a bench), place your feet so that the heels hang off at the end and your toes rest on the edge.
  • Raise your heels up by extending your ankles and pointing your toes.
  • Lower the heels back to the start position.
  • Repeat the steps 10 times to make a set.

Other strength training workouts include sit-ups, pullups, pushups, weightlifting, leg presses, lying butt bridge, hamstring curls, back kicks, etc. However, some people are continuously engaged in strength and endurance workouts without even noticing it – by working in the garden, planting or digging the vegetables – pretty good exercises with a minimum financial investment.

Diet-Related Tips On How To Lose Thigh And Stomach Fat For Men

If you work out vigorously, say 75 minutes, you may burn 500-700 calories (depends on many factors). Quite an impressive result. But what do you do next? Have a heavy and mouthwatering meal because you deserve it for your hard work… and you gain even more. What should your daily routine change to avoid excess calories and fat?

1. Minimize Your Caloric Intake

If you want to lose leg fat, control your diet, and create a caloric deficit (spend more calories than you consume). Cutting down on carbohydrates will improve the performance of your gastrointestinal tract and help you control and prevent digestive disorders.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet will add more value to your food. Besides, the greeneries help you fill the stomach more, so you will eat less. Try to make several “green days” in a week and see the positive changes in your body.

3. Drink Beverages With Zero Calories

The best drink ever existed is water. Keep control of the amount of water you drink, not fewer than 2 liters per day. Remember, coffee makes you lose water, even being super helpful to wake up or perform at work.

If you can’t imagine your life without fizzy drinks and beverages, give preference to the ones with zero calories. However, be aware that they will make you eat more.

4. Minimize Your Salt Intake

Minimize but don’t eliminate salt from your menu. It’s an essential one among other microelements. When there’s an excess of salt intake, your body retains more water, and you feel like a bubble. To avoid it, control the amount of hidden salt in the snacks or processed food you buy. Better cook something at home.

Final Thought

Losing fat quickly – myth or reality? It certainly is a myth. If you want to lose excess fats:

  1. First of all, plan a whole new schedule.
  2. Then, when you start to exercise, track your progress, analyze how you feel, and which sets of exercises were the most difficult and easiest to follow.
  3. Also, include the aerobic exercise into your workout, as long as they are the most effective for burning fat. If you feel pain while working out, stop; probably you don’t follow the procedure correctly.

The process of weight loss involves control over the daily calorie consumption. Taking an extra sandwich with a greasy piece of meat, think about the additional sessions you need to work to get rid of excess fats (and salt). Cut down on carbohydrates, reduce the calorie intake (if you aren’t active enough to burn them), and see how these measures help you get rid of leg fat and improve your fitness level.


🏋️Why my thighs are fat male❓

🏋️They found that levels of a protein involved in cellular fat retention were much higher in the thigh cells of men with low testosterone levels, suggesting that testosterone controls the distribution of fat in the body by influencing fat-holding proteins. These findings may serve as a warning sign to many.

🏋️How do you lose thigh and butt fat for men❓

🏋️Try the following exercises to lose fat from the buttocks and tone the muscles of the thighs and buttocks:
  • Run.
  • High intensity interval training.
  • Step climb.
  • Squats.
  • Lunges.
  • Deadlift on one leg.
  • Hip abduction in the supine position.
  • Side lane walking.

🏃‍♂️Can running reduce thigh fat❓

🏃‍♂️Running also focuses on overall body movement. Hence, if you want to lose your thigh fat, run for 30 to 40 minutes a day. If you are a beginner, start with brisk walking and then progress to running.

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