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How To Get Rid Of Knee Fat

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Did you start noticing annoying fabs around your knees while walking? Do you feel embarrassed when your new shorts don’t look as appealing on your legs as you wanted them to? If you’ve answered “yes,” then you can join the army of people who want to know how to get rid of knee fat.

Many experts and health enthusiasts address this burning issue nowadays. Although many factors can be responsible for the handles around your knees, the ways of fighting them are likely to come down to weight loss.

In this article, we will look into the reasons for knee fat and the ways to remove it.

How to lose weight in the knees

What Causes Knee Fat?

  • Weight Gain

This is the first and foremost reason on our list. Naturally, our body gets bigger while gaining weight and starts accumulating excess fat, including our knees. Fortunately, there’s a tried-and-tested method to help – losing some extra pounds.

  • Process Of Aging

Getting older, skin loses its elasticity and has poor turgor, which leads to its somewhat saggy form. The skin around our knee joints suffers even more due to its constant movement and extension. It’s somewhat inevitable for the majority of people. We can’t stop it completely; however, collagen supplements can control it. You need to consult your doctor and choose the most suitable collagen type or treatment.

  • Lack Of Physical Activity

Quite an expected reason, isn’t it? However, there’s a high chance that some people, while reading it, will think, “but I do exercise and keep track of my activities.” In this case, you need to add localized muscle endurance resistance training to tone up muscles in certain places.

  • Excessive Exercising

While lack of activities will never do good, its excessiveness is also on the negative side. Very well-developed quadriceps make your thighs and legs look bigger, which creates an illusion of fat knees. Try to be moderate and choose exercises for all body parts while working out; don’t just focus on one area.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Knee Fat?

Keeping in mind all the reasons mentioned above, it’s also worth mentioning the types of knee fat: above, around, and inner knee fat. Besides, women, in particular, will have to clarify how to get rid of inner knee fat, as long as they tend to have more of it compared to men (what an outrage!). So, is there any way to get rid of knee fat? Yes, but it certainly requires perseverance and a balanced approach to exercising.

 How To Get Rid Of Knee Fat?

The most effective ways, of course, are balancing food habits and exercising. You may have to start with calorie consumption control. Remember the rule of thumb – you must burn more calories than you consume. First of all, check your body index with special calculators online and define how many calories your body needs for proper functioning. Secondly, count the calories you consume daily, including all the light and “nobody-will-see” snacks. And finally, see how many calories you need to burn when doing activities.

We have collected some of the most effective exercises to help target fat knees.

Exercise Recommendations

Every effort you make when working out will certainly help you look fitter. But we want to the focus on the ways to reduce the knee fat:

Walking And Running

Our life is relatively sedentary nowadays. We tend to move less and less. Making our life easier with food delivery, house cleaning service, and smart house technologies, we actually do harm to our joints, especially our knees – they become stiff and painful. Remember – movement is the basis of life. Schedule morning/afternoon/evening walks or short runs and make it your routine. Not only does it make your body more robust, but it also improves your sleep quality. Having a bit of movement as an everyday routine, you’ll do away with an annoying question, “So, how to get rid of fat around knees and lower body fat percentage?”


One of the best exercises ever. With a perfect cardio workout, you’ll be positively charged and satisfied with life (remember the feeling you had in your childhood?).

Cycling is super effective at burning calories and strengthening your legs, hips, and glutes; it’s a perfect way to remove fat knees problems and get rid of belly fat. If you had a heavy lunch at work, go cycling in the evening. 30 minutes of exercising will help you burn 300 calories, depending on your weight. Constant practicing will solve the fat knee problem and help tone your legs.


Another beneficial cardiovascular exercise that equally develops all the major muscle groups is one of the great exercises for fat knees and upper body muscles. Its most significant advantage is being suitable for people of any age, sex, and with different swim skills. The average calorie burn is around 250 per 30 min. The exact number of calories will depend on your weight, distance, and speed. You can use special calculators for counting calories or a special fitness watch that defines all the data automatically.


It is a popular resistance exercise among people who want to strengthen and tone up their bodies while improving athletic performance and overall appearance. Lunges as one of the strength training exercises make the large muscle groups in your lower body work, make your back more robust, and reduce knee fat. Besides, it can increase your resting metabolism, which allows you to burn even more calories.


Very challenging but very efficient endurance resistance training. Its helpful impact is immense. Squats help prevent age-related conditions like osteoporosis and help to build a good posture. Add some extra resistance to your workout (dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.) to make the activity even more effective. Your knees and thighs will get great exercise and become stronger and better-looking.

 Jumping rope

Want to target knee fat and build up your stamina? Use this super simple but unbelievably useful tool. Jumping rope can help you burn 10 calories in a minute and also strengthen your legs, butt, shoulders, belly, and arms. On average, it takes 10 minutes to burn 200 calories each day. Worth the effort, isn’t it? It’s a great cardio and aerobic exercise. The rope helps tone your calves, improve your lung capacity, and increase coordination and concentration. Besides, it’s a great way to improve your metabolism and lose fat quicker.

Other options for slimming your knees

Workout, combined with a healthy diet, is the best way to get rid of body fat and, consequently, fatty knees. It will surely take some time to see the first results show up. However, there are other options one might consider when fighting the fat around the knees:

  • ultrasound,
  • liposuction,
  • cryolipolysis,
  • mesotherapy,
  • laser therapy,
  • light therapy,
  • radiofrequency therapy.

These methods are way more accessible, if we want to lose fat, than working out, but we are likely to lose the motivation part.

Protect knees during exercise

When trying to lose weight and get rid of fat around your knee, be sure to follow some safety rules to avoid knee pain:

  1. Your shoes must be made for the specific type of sport and used respectively.
  2. If you feel pain in your knees – stop and have some rest. Overdoing can cause more harm. Trying too hard to lose knee fat, don’t lose your health. Fat loss takes time.
  3. Take breaks. Give your body some time to have rest – a day or two. Make a schedule and follow it. When trying to build lean muscle – follow the routine rather than do everything at once.
  4. Don’t set too many restrictions on your diet. For a start, please find the most sugary and greasy food on your menu, and eliminate it.
  5. Consult your doctor to make sure you have no restrictions when working out.

The Final Thought

We all get increasingly concerned, wanting to know what knee fat is and how to get rid of fat knees. This article has looked into the reasons and types of knee fat and leg exercises you can do to get rid of it. All the ways to lose knee fat are just part and parcel of losing weight. Instead of just trying to decide how to get rid of knee fat, start training more, and develop your muscles. You can begin with the small steps to reach your goals.

Don’t try to do everything at once at high speed, because you’ll lose the initiative quite soon. Watch how your body reacts to different exercises and how nutrition changes influence your condition. When you need help or don’t understand something – ask a specialist, so as not to cause injury to your body. With every kilogram you lose, you will see how your body regains its strength, and your knee area becomes more toned.

There are many ways to lose weight, which can be found in our articles. Choose the ones that will help you best. Don’t focus only on lowering your body weight and improving your muscle tone; learn to get pleasure from the exercise you do and enjoy the process, don’t make it a burden.

Good luck!


🤸What causes knee fat❓

🤸The accumulation of excess fat in the knees is caused by many different factors, including weight gain, aging, lack of physical activity or excessive training. The fatty tissue around the knees can also be linked to hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy and menopause.

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